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A Family of Filmmakers

VS Service is a filmmaker’s company, and we love what we do. It’s who we are. As a family company we have expanded from a small business with a single generator to become the leading supplier of film equipment in Southeast Asia, basing in Bangkok, Thailand. We aspire to become a company to help vanish all your technical concerns so that you may focus on the creative side of filmmaking.

Our goal is to create an environment around film sets that is professional and efficient. We thrive in making our customers feel like they have a very good production support from us. We work with the belief that the filmmaking process should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

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The Work We Do

VS Service has worked with the best and the best. We’ve filmed many world renowned DPs and cinematographers on films including Good Morning Vietnam, American Gangster, The Beach, The Hangover Part II, The Impossible, The Rocket, Rambo IV, 007: Tomorrow Never Dies, Kon Tiki,  as well as many TV Commercial production houses from all around the world.

Our equipment and crew are available for rental and services in all of Thailand, with bases in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Phuket. We are also able to supply for neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. Please inquire our staff for more details.

Our independent work has also been recognised by various film festivals such as the Moscow International Film Festivals, The Newport Beach Film Festival, Indie Fest Film festival, New Orleans Film Festival, and the ASIA TV Superpitch Competition.

View a complete list of our past projects in our Film Credit. You can also find us on IMDB.com

We’ll let our film credits speak for themselves. VS has been a part of many well known projects and we take a lot of pride in that. We get work by word of mouth and repeat customers— for us it’s a wonderful way to do business.

Our Crew

The founder of VS. Pop started with one small generator and a hole-in-a-wall office. We’ve come a long way since then thanks to Pop. As a gaffer, he has worked with countless world renowned Director of Photography worldwide.


One of the original VS crew, Daeng is our main key grip as well as our crew manager. He has worked with us since our humble beginnings. All of our grips have learned their skills and earn their keeps through Daeng’s lesson.


A new generation of filmmaker from inside VS, Pete brings together the old school lessons his father taught him and combine with the new ways of independent cinema from the US. Pete has experience working as a DP and a line producer.


Our GO-TO coordinator, Nott is a specialist for international projects that needs attention to detail and he understand well the client’s needs.


Pom keeps our office running well. She keeps track of our crew and gear to make sure it goes where it needs to be. She has a lot of experience working with Thai productions and understand their ways of filming.


Our lighting crew includes WOODY, JIMMY, SHUI, JONUS, and KEVIN. All have worked under POP and gained their experience from shooting TVCs and International Feature films as well as local ones.


Our grip department includes SANAM, POOH, DOM, UN, and YUTH. These guys are hard workers and take their crafts seriously. They know their gears inside and out.


Our camera department consists of DEWEY, DONG, ROMAIN, and a very experienced group of Assistant Cameras. They know what it takes to be inside the camera department.